Hi, welcome to my commercial portfolio website!

My name is Povilas Gavorka. I am an award-winning freelance computer graphic artist based in Vilnius, Lithuania. I specialize in producing 3D illustration and animation for my clients in the advertising industry.

With my expertise in video games,  I have more than 8 years of initial experience in creating concept art and 3D video game content at Tecmo Koei. Later I switched industries and spent over 10 years at some of the major Lithuanian advertising agencies such as Ogilvy, Love, Not Perfect I Y&R and New, mainly doing graphic design and 3D illustration.
Apart from static imagery, I recently ventured into producing animation, And soon I developed a passion for it.

My aim is to add value to the work I do for my clients by connecting art and technology. So, if you are looking for high-quality visuals which include both, let’s collaborate.